Denmark diaries

The North somehow changes you. It calms you down. Give you a space to think when its dark outside. And also empty your bank account.

Vietnam in Prague - SAPA

The first thoughts you might have when passing the main gate to SAPA might be “Where am I? Is it Vietnam? And in fact people are not that far from the truth. SAPA is a huge marketplace where you can buy all different kind of things but also get a haircut while waiting for your kid who is attending the local private language school. Or taste the true vietnamese cuisine in local restaurants. Some people even call it “Little Hanoi”.

Last summer 2015 I tried to get a bit of insight into peoples life through interviews/talks with the local people.

The man with the cap

Me: Any advice for young men?
He: Always go and try things out you can only gain not lose.


When I got back home two years ago from Korea I thought I finally found myself. What Im gonna do in future, what are my passions and pretty much felt confident about upcoming months or maybe years. Two years later again I feel like being in the middle of a crossroad trying to figure out what is the best way to go. However I realized that there is no best way but rather ones that will always lead us somewhere. Knowing what is waiting for us on the road would be obviously boring and thats the best part of the life. You know nothing (John.....) unless you go outhere and challenge yourself.

Last two months were quite exhaustive in a way that I didnt really have time for myself that much. These photographs feat. friend of mine Cyril are a desperate call for balance, calmness and silence.